Deanna Jacobsen

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I fell in love with Mexican  jewelry after many trips to Tijuana, Mexico and seeing all the beautifully crafted sterling silver that was offered in shops up and down the Ave. Revolution.  The craftsmanship was amazing and the designs so appealing.
When I started making jewelry in 1990 it was clear that my jewelry was going to have a Mexican look.
I hope you appreciate my interpretation of this style.

You can find my jewelry at;
Taboo Studio, San Diego, California  -
Studio Lacey, Old Town, California  -
The Folk Tree,  Pasadena, California  -
Santa Jet,  Prinsenstraat 7,  Amsterdam, Holland
Nomad,  Cambridge, Massachussets  -

I teach silversmith classes  at the Art Academy of San Diego , and at The Shepherdess in Old Town San Diego,

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Thank you for your interest in my jewelry.

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